Orthopedic Implants: Combining Innovation with the technology can improve the quality of life for recipient patients


If you chance to enter an operation theater where orthopedic surgeries are performed, you may feel for few seconds as if you have entered a car repair garage. You will find that hammers, wrenches and other metal tools are being put to work on the human bodies. Most of the orthopedic surgery requires orthopedic implants or devices that replace or support damaged joints or bones in the body. Screws, plates, pins and rods are the most commonly used implants. Generally, metal rods are used to prevent bones from breaking. Orthopedic surgeons, just like experienced car mechanics, rely on their intuition when performing certain procedures.

Plastic, ceramic, stainless steel and titanium are used to make orthopedic implants. These implants can be fixed or screwed into place or alternately the pressure from surrounding muscle and ligaments can be used to do so. In few other procedures like hip replacement both the methods may be used. Orthopedic Implants made from metals usually are lined with plastic, which serves as artificial cartilage.

To help improve the quality of life of the recipient patients, modern technology, in perfect harmony with the research, has to partner with innovative business model that encourages advancements in orthopedic implants and surgery.

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