Multi-Fix Femoral Nail – Cannulated, with Multiple Locking Options

The NET brand ‘Multi-Fix Femoral Nails – Cannulated‘ are intended for subtrochanteric fractures and femoral shaft fractures. This nail fits anatomically in the medullary canal, therby allowing indirect reduction. The first proximal hole from the top in this nail allows 6.0 mm locking bolt and is directed towards lesser trochanter. The 3rd hole from the top is dynamic hole and supports 4.5 mm locking bolt while 4th hole from top is static and supports 4.5 mm locking bolt.

The distal holes (all the three) allow 4.5 mm locking bolts, first and third holes from bottom are directed lateral to medial and second hole is directed anterior and posterior. The same nail can be used for both the (right & left) legs.